Simple Way to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

1000s and 10000000+ people are earning from Affiliate marketing. We’ve already seen few Online opportunities to Make Money Online.Now, we will see how to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing. You do not need to have product knowledge or selling capabilities.

You would get to know the basic information on this page to start Affiliate Marketing. Let’s see how to start affiliate marketing without investment.

Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

If you have website and having enough traffic, then this page is yours. Yes. Here I have provided simple steps that how to monetize your website or blog by doing simple task such as Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Simply saying that Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to earn money by advertising merchants products on your own Websites. Whenever visitors click on the Ads placed on your Websites and buy the product. This process is called “Affiliate Marketing “.

The Medium which used to link the Web site owners (Affiliates) with the Merchants is called Affiliate Program.

Simple Way to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

Simple Way to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

Cost per Click (CPC)

When a visitor visits your website and click on the Ad placed on your website. Merchant will pay you for this click. This is called Cost per Click (CPC).

Cost per Lead (CPL)

What a visitor clicks on the Ads and redirecting to Merchant’s Website. Here, he will provide his / her basic information prior to buy a product. This payment is call Cost per Lead (CPL).

Cost per Acquisition (CPA / CPS)

A visitor referred by an affiliate purchases a product or service from the Merchant. This payment or action is referred as Cost per Acquisition or Cost Per Sale.  

Okay, Now we will see who are the top affiliate networks to earn money easily through affiliate Marketing.

Top Affiliate Networks to Join and Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

1. Google Adsense

2. Amazon Associates

3.  CPAFull

4. ShareASale

5. CJ

6. ClickGalore

7. PeerFly

8. MaxBounty

9. ClickBank

10. NeverBlue


Apart from this, you may use social media network, like Facebook and Twitter to Promote your Product and earn money easily through your website / blog. These are the best ways to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing.

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